Teaching an 8-week Immersive Theatre and Viewpoints Intensive in Paris. Spring, 2016.

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I'm once again partnering with GroupStudio in Paris, this time to facilitate an 8-week Immersive Theatre & Viewpoints Intensive. The course will meet each Wednesday between March 30th and May 18th, and will culminate with a public performance. 

Immersive theatre, which has recently been taking the world by storm, takes the audience out of their seats and places them at the center of the playing space. It challenges traditional acting methods and calls for a new, more holistic, approach to acting. Viewpoints, currently a staple in American theater training, is a technique and theatrical vocabulary that originally grew out of post-modern dance and was adapted for actor training by Anne Bogart and SITI Company.

For details and to register visit the WORKSHOP INFORMATION PAGE.