Joining the Team of Sciences Po Reims

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I am very pleased to accept a teaching position in Theatre at Sciences Po Reims. I will be offering two courses this Spring 2017 semester: The Collaborative Process Through the Lens of Theatre Making and Act, Inform, Inspire: Using Theatre As A Tool For Dialogue & Social Change

Commissioned to Create Pop-Up Performances for OuiShare Fest, Paris

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Looking forward to be the first artist to be commissioned by Ouishare to create original pieces for their annual festival that gathers over 2,000 leaders of the shared economy community in Paris. Performances, which will pop up throughout the festival grounds, were inspired by the themes of the festival, as well as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's iconic book The Little Prince. If you are in Paris, join us at Cabaret Sauvage May 18-21.

Teaching an 8-week Immersive Theatre and Viewpoints Intensive in Paris. Spring, 2016.

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I'm once again partnering with GroupStudio in Paris, this time to facilitate an 8-week Immersive Theatre & Viewpoints Intensive. The course will meet each Wednesday between March 30th and May 18th, and will culminate with a public performance. 

Immersive theatre, which has recently been taking the world by storm, takes the audience out of their seats and places them at the center of the playing space. It challenges traditional acting methods and calls for a new, more holistic, approach to acting. Viewpoints, currently a staple in American theater training, is a technique and theatrical vocabulary that originally grew out of post-modern dance and was adapted for actor training by Anne Bogart and SITI Company.

For details and to register visit the WORKSHOP INFORMATION PAGE.

Launch of Kaimera Productions

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Jonathan Camuzeaux and I have been working together for the last five years, creating over a dozen live performances and events with a continuing growing community of artists from a wide range of disciplines, and with experts outside the arts: activists, environmental, social and medical scientists, economists, physicists, psychologists and policy-makers...

We felt that it was finally time to take the next step in our partnership: the launch of Kaimera Productions

Jonathan I, along with three other key collaborators, founded Kaimera Productions as a vehicle to create live experiences that blend theater, music, dance, multimedia, visual arts, and more. Our mission is to invite audiences to re-examine complex questions our global society faces and to do so through performances created collaboratively by experts in and outside of the arts.

Take a look at our website to read more about our mission, beliefs, and plans for the future.