Les Alibis, Tour, 2018

Collectif Eukaryota Presents

Les Alibis

Following a successful premiere at Atelier de Paris - Carolyn Carson's 2016 JUNE EVENTS Festival in Paris, the team is planning a subsequent international tour. 
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Concept and choreography by Elodie Sicard
Dramaturgy by Simón Adinia Hanukai
Lighting Design by Boris Molinié
Sound Deisgn
 by Jean-François Domingues
Scenic Design by
 Elodie Sicard & Audrey Gilliot
Design and creation of robotic spheres by 
Hub Innovation Epitech
Technical Realization by Thibaut Heurtebize, assisted by Thibault Degouy & Maël Derio
Regard extérieur Daniel Dobbels

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