My Artichoke Heart, August 2010

DREAM UP 2010 Festival - Theater for the New City
September 2010


Written by Naïma Kristel Phillips
Directed by Simón Adinia Hanukai
Produced by Seena Hodges

Dramaturgy by Jess Applebaum
Lighting Design by David Bengali
Stage Management by Michelle Cote

Rafael Benoit, Sarah Eismann, Eddie Jackson, Wei-Yi Lin, Natalia Miranda-Guzmán, Jensen Olaya, Marine Sialelli & Blaze Mancillas

My Artichoke Heart is the journey of a matriarchal elder, Karina, through her memories, fears, hopes and internal struggles that flash before her eyes moments before her death. It is an investigation into the ingredients that make up a person's life and determine the legacy they will leave behind. Struggling with her isolation, and a fading sense of memory, Karina calls upon the help of transitional spirits to fill the gaps of missing family members and unresolved memories. These transitional spirits take on the forms of Karina's family members and friends to aid her in ensuring that her loved ones will be taken care of once she is gone. They ease her passage to death by peeling off the layers of her life until she is left with only heart.