The 6 Project, April 2010

Brooklyn Arts Exchange
April 2010

Written and Performed by Chelsea M. Gregory
Directed by Simón Adinia Hanukai

In The 6 Project, dancer, poet and actress Chelsea M. Gregory takes us to Jena, Louisiana where a series of racial conflicts left 6 black teenagers charged with attempted murder. While some in the community seek justice and reconciliation, others participate in a white supremacist rally on Martin Luther King Day. Growing up half-Jewish/half-WASP in the South, she explores the complexity of identity and white supremacy in her family history, informing the narrative with humor, compassion and integrity, and inviting the audience to reflect on their own personal stories. Portraying a surprising, painful and evocative range of perspectives, Chelsea opens dialogue for racial healing through this multi-disciplinary performance piece.

The 6 Project had its first reading at The Brecht Forum (New York City) August 2008, followed by readings, workshops and dialogues at The White Privilege Conference (Springfield, MA), Beyond the Pale (NYC), Charis Bookstore (Atlanta) and the 7th Ward Cultural Center (New Orleans). The first full run was in October 2008 at Stage Left Theater (New York City), followed by performances and residencies at LaMama ETC, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, 7 Stages (Atlanta), the Los Angeles Women's Theater Festival, La Pena Cultural Center (Bay Area), the Alternate ROOTS Annual Meeting, and the Code Pink House in Washington DC the day before President Obama's Inauguration, as well as UMASS Amherst, Hampshire College, Seton Hall University, Bushwick School for Social Justice, Brooklyn Friend's School and other high schools, colleges, universities and community organizations.