Destiny Arts, 2003-2009


Artistic Directors 2003-2009: Sarah Crowell & Simón Adinia Hanukai

The Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company (DAYPC) is a multicultural group of teens who create original performance art pieces that combine hip-hop, modern, and aerial dance, theater, martial arts, song and rap. The productions are a dynamic, creative forum for the young people to express their fears, hopes and strategies for confronting challenging personal and social issues. The company has performed all over the Bay Area since 1993, for over 20,000 audience members annually.

DAYPC comes out of Destiny Arts Center, an Oakland-based nonprofit violence prevention and arts education organization that has been serving youth for over 23 years, through dance, martial arts, conflict resolution, self-defense, and youth leadership programs for 3-18 year olds.

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What People Are Saying About the Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company:

"I saw the Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company do their thing and they were dazzling! A combination of wonderful talent, high energy, and social consciousness."
— Howard Zinn, historian, activist and author of A People's History of the United States

"The Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company is a politically astute, talented and visionary group of young people who combine political activism with cutting edge cultural expression. They were one of the performance highlights at the Critical Resistance Conference and they enthralled the thousands of participants who had come from all over the country with their wisdom and outlook for building community through the arts."
— Angela Davis, author, scholar and activist

"Destiny Arts youth explore the issues of discrimination (on all levels) and human violence, with a depth of thought, feelings and vision for the future that is truly inspirational."
— Nancy Nadel, Oakland City Councilwoman

"I was amazed at the talent and profound insight of these young people and how well they articulated issues they care about through dance, music and spoken word. The combination of politics and funk was both exciting and inspiring!"
— Peter Bratt, Director/Screenwriter, "Follow Me Home"

"In these times, young people are hungry for the integrity, humanity and spiritual connection that is lacking in the world around them. Destiny Arts creates a strong link for people to remember their connection to their ancestors and recreate a responsible mindful way of being for generations to come. Our future looks hopeful."
— Lakota Harden, Native American dancer and activist

"Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company vividly demonstrated hip hop may be the coolest way to bring kids of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds together to advance the values of a multi-ethnic, multicultural society."
— Ann Murphy, Oakland Tribune