Phaedra's Cabaret, 2012-2014

Phaedra's Cabaret is a quarterly event, produced by Flux Industries, that showcases the work of up-and-coming NY-based performing artists.


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Word about the last Phaedra's Cabaret:

"I can't wait for the new show! I was blessed with the opportunity to witness the awe inspiring spectacle that was Phaedra's Cabaret! It was an emotional mix of drama, comedy, and carefully nuanced beautiful talent. Phaedra's Cabaret was an appetizing guilty pleasure that left me hungry for more! Way to go Flux Industries!"
     - A. Rodriguez, July 2012

"Such an amazingly talented group of artists and a wonderfully creative collage of acts. The show was charming and funny with wonderful moments of tenderness including the original song "Fragile". This is a show and a group not to be missed. Absolutely delightful!"
     - J. Murdock, July 2012

"I think any artist would agree there is nothing more thrilling than collaboration. The cabaret has been the most challenging and exciting experience I've had working with other performers. The productions have been a chance to create anything, break the rules, break the forth wall, reach out and surprise the audience and ourselves. It has been pure creation!"
     - Shanna Jones, Singer/Songwrite